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The Adventures of Iris and Zach by I. L. Green

    Iris and Zach have an uneasy but intriguing run. A vast patchwork landscape of life is displayed through stories relating both the wonder and absurdity we all recognize. With a focus on mental health, these stories take the reader from incarceration to freedom, fear to comfort. There are celebrations of life and poetic lows. The Yin and Yang aspects of life are recognized in new and deliberate examples that instil thoughtfulness and occasionally a smile. Buy from Amazon   Buy from The Hive (UK) Buy from Barnes and Noble (US)   Buy from Booktopia (Australia)   Buy from us (1-4 books)   Buy from us (5 + books) at April 23, 2023 Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest

Lost by Sam Findlater

    Lost: A wordless book for all ages, is the graphic short story where you are the author. Both a literacy device and creative writing springboard, Lost offers all readers and non-readers the benefits of reading and a creative journey, where they are the story maker.  There is a universal story that all readers will find and follow, but the more you return to the book the more you will see each page is laden with cues and prompts for different nuances and stories to evolve. Beautifully illustrated and packing an emotional punch, this book is a must-have for schools seeking to utilise the power of wordless books in the classroom. Free lesson plans and classroom uses for Lost for KS2, KS3 and GCSE are available from the authors website Beyond schools Lost can be enjoyed by all ages, the ‘puzzle solving’ of wordless books helps maintain cognitive health as well as offering a short satisfying read in our busy lives. Sam Findlater’s Lost will

Rare Stories by Liam Bell

    Inspired by words marked as “rare” in the Oxford English Dictionary, this A-Z showcases the imaginative, characterful, and inventive possibilities of short fiction. From a woman trapped in her cul-de-sac to a pilot with a pig gristle nose, the collection travels through small-town Northern Ireland and feuding museums in Malta, encounters a girl who has befriended a taxidermied deer, a man who sells fake chameleons, and an expectant father who loses himself in jazz music. Often weird and wonderful, the thousand-word stories in this collection take on the rare words which sparked them from a slant and, in doing so, produce a series of entertaining and darkly-humorous snapshots of contemporary life. RRP £7.00 Buy from Amazon  Buy from us (1-4 books)     Buy from us (5+ books)     Buy from the Hive (UK)   Buy from Barnes and Noble  (US)  

Face to Face with the Führer by Gill James

  Käthe wants to be a scientist. She sees herself as more than a housewife and a mother. And she is in her own eyes definitely not Jewish. Life in Nazi Germany sees it another way however. She has to give up a promising career and her national identity. She has to leave the home she has built up for her husband and daughter. But she is not afraid of challenges. She enlists the help of a respected professor to help her fulfil her ambition, she learns how to use a gun and how to drive a car. But what will she do when she finds herself fact to face with the Führer or, indeed, with the challenges of modern life? Face to Face with the Führer is the fourth novel in Gill James’ Schellberg cycle.   RRP £10.00 Buy from Amazon  Buy from the Hive (UK)  Buy from Barnes and Noble (US)   Buy from Booktopia (Australia)     Buy from us (1-4 books)       Buy from us (5+ books)