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Offers on our antholgies

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Dry River by Alicia Rouverol

    Sara Greystone’s career as a public defender is spiraling after a disastrous court case, and now her husband’s IT career is also in jeopardy. A move to California is supposed to get them both back on their feet, but the state is in the midst of a crippling economic downturn—and then Sara’s mother falls seriously ill. In the face of migration, illness, unemployment, and the tantalising possibility of infidelity, Sara has to work out who she is and what she really wants. Spanning 1997 to 2012, Dry River echoes Wallace Stegner’s classic Angle of Repose , moving across place and time to chart the slow collapse of a marriage alongside a declining US economy. Buy from Amazon Buy from The Hive (UK)  Buy from Barnes and Noble Buy from Australia    Buy from us (1-4 books)      Buy from us (5+ books)     

Let's Get Writing

  What shall I do with my Creative Writing group? Here are a list of suggestions based on what you might do over a year, whether   you meet once a week or once a month. Each suggested session plan allows you to plan an interesting session with your group, and suggests what to do in the session, what you need to prepare before the session and how you might follow it up. Suggested timings are included.       Have fun with my Let's get Writing. Those creative juices will soon be flowing.      RRP £5.00  pay what you like £1.00+ Buy here   

Weird Science by Doug Hawley

    Who would have thought it? An abominable snowman speaks, dreams so good you’ll never want to wake up, metaphysical questions, a cat with telepathy, a magical stream in USA’s Northwest, and an unexpected invasion from the far north of Canada. You will find all this and more in one book of Weird Science   RRP £7.00    Buy from Amazon   Buy from The Hive (UK)    Buy from Barnes and Noble (US)    Buy from Booktopia (Australia)   Buy from us (1-4 books)    Buy form us (5+ books)