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Offers on our fast track books

 These are called fast- track because they are  single auhtor collections pulled together of stories already published on CafeLit or in one of our anthologies.      In this collection, Jim looks into what it means to be human in this day and age. How do we cope with the loss of a loved one? What brings us joy? How important is friendship? Can Nature heal? These are heavy questions, and Jim tackles them head-on with stories that are both intriguing and entertaining. He is not afraid to delve deep into life’s challenges. He looks at love and loss, our hopes and dreams, and our own inner fears. Ultimately, his stories show us the strength of the human character. Jim’s gentle stories are sensitively written and character-driven. The main character often confronts issues shared by us all, such as coping with day-to-day annoyances or finding a way to derive meaning in a complicated world. These stories are heartfelt, and told with quiet passion and a gentle touch. In the end,

Offers on our CafeLit serials

  Can the drama in these episodes match the real drama of 21st century life? There is a murder mystery and can we find a cue? These interlocking episodes, which form the second series based around the activities of an amateur dramatic group, first appeared on CaféLit, the e-zine to read with your afternoon cuppa. View on Amazon                     Join Crispin, the Marble Elf, in Her Ladyship's secret, fantastical Garden, where Gnomes, Cockney Leprechauns, Cherubs, Trolls and Pole-Dancing Fairies live, love and laugh. But watch out for the Shed of No Return – the clue is in the name. And keep upwind of the begonias where Gusty Bob, the flatulent Toad is usually found. Oh, and don’t trip over the Wooden Robin; he’s likely to stop at short notice to pull up his socks. The Crispin Chronicles is the third belly-laugh inducing book in Dawn Knox’s Chronicles series. All three have been serialised in CaféLit. View on Amazon   These interlocking episodes give us an

Pot-luck selection

  Pot-luck selection   Just a sample here.   Buy a randomly selected bunch of three books for just £10: 

Offers on our non-fiction books

  F ifty-seven easy to use fact sheets that cover all that you need to know if you are relatively new to writing. Ideal too for the creative writing teacher.    Topics include:  story structure  poetry forms  presentation of work  how to get your work out there script writing  networking  organisations that can help  self-publishing  getting new ideas  building characters  The Tip Sheets have deliberately been left as a Word document so that users may customize them.   Gill James is an experienced writer and teacher. The Tip Sheets pass on information that she has acquired over twenty or so years.    Get your copy here. Pay what you like. Suggested fee: £2.00    There are three prompts a day for the whole of 2023. Some are short and pithy, others are inspired by obscure days e.g. 8 January Bubble Bath Day , and some go into more detail on an aspect of writing craft. There are series that go over a number of days. A few prompts are about works in progress and several give you t