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 These are called fast- track because they are  single auhtor collections pulled together of stories already published on CafeLit or in one of our anthologies.   


In this collection, Jim looks into what it means to be human in this day and age. How do we cope with the loss of a loved one? What brings us joy? How important is friendship? Can Nature heal?

These are heavy questions, and Jim tackles them head-on with stories that are both intriguing and entertaining. He is not afraid to delve deep into life’s challenges. He looks at love and loss, our hopes and dreams, and our own inner fears. Ultimately, his stories show us the strength of the human character.

Jim’s gentle stories are sensitively written and character-driven. The main character often confronts issues shared by us all, such as coping with day-to-day annoyances or finding a way to derive meaning in a complicated world. These stories are heartfelt, and told with quiet passion and a gentle touch. In the end, they resonate with Jim’s appreciation for the challenges we all face and, ultimately, the beauty of what it means to be truly alive and to live in this world.

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Prepare to suspend your disbelief, have the tissues handy and allow your imagination to run wild. This mix of stories will delight you, make you laugh, make you cry and make you cry out – not really!

From a woman who finds a giraffe under the canal bridge and two cats squabbling over a pancake, to an arrogant French chef and a pair of abandoned sparkly trainers, this collection will make you laugh out loud and touch your heart. You will feel intrigued by a French ghost, visit medieval Denmark at Yul, and the war-torn Middle East. You will even find romance with a green-eyed angel. These are just some of the stories you can expect to find in this collection.

In Seen Through a Glass of Red, you will discover stories which are imaginative and tender-hearted just like their creator.

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Thoroughly enjoyed all the stories, hard to say which I liked the best.
Only took me a few hours to read as I couldn't put it down.
I will be looking out for your next book Liz.


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