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Offers on our single author anthologies

  Visit our bookshop to find other options for buying these and lots of other books    Note, the Amazon links are  affiliate links and a small portion of what you pay may go to Bridge House publishing.     Story–telling has often been associated with weaving and spinning. All is craft, cleverness and magic. Here indeed we have a colourful mix of beautifully crafted stories. Some are sad and others bring us hope. There are tensions in relationships, fear of the unknown coupled with surprising empathy, and accidents of birth. Death wishes are reversed, sometimes but not always, and so are lives in other realties. People’s stories intersect as they wait for a bus. An old cello causes havoc. A church clock always strikes twice… or does it? Match-making goes wrong until it goes right. And so much more. Sally Zigmond brings an evocative literary voice to tales in The Story Weaver . RRP £8.00   Buy from Amazon       Prepare to suspend your disbelief, have the tissues handy and allow

Offers on Our Charity Books

Note, the links below are affiliate links and a small portion of what you pay may go to Bridge House publishing.   Brother and sister enjoy playing together. Join in the fun and see all of the interesting things they do. Be inspired by Linda Flynn's simple text and Caroline Casali's enchanting illustrations. In this book there are plenty of ideas for games that children can play with friends, and which get them away from phone, television and computer screens. A percentage of the royalties from Playing Together will support Medical Detection Dogs. This is a charity that trains dogs to detect the odour from disease in the fight against cancer, Parkinson's disease and bacterial infections, as well as training Medical Alert Assistance Dogs. RRP £7.00  Buy from Amazon   Ride along with Santa and Rudolph, as they adapt their sleigh with gadgets to take them around the world. Learn about some of the countries on the way. This beautifully illustrated book is full of fun