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Our very special books

  This delightful English language anthology of literary fiction comprises the winning entries for the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Waterloo Festival Writing Competitions. The themes were, respectively, To Be... To Become, Transforming Being and Transforming Communities. We chose these because they tell a good story, have a strong voice, and are imaginative in their interpretation of the theme. The writers present us with characters that are believable and rounded. Buy on Amazon A response by writers to the Covid19 pandemic in 2020, this collection is of work by writers we have published before and whom we trust, and their trusted colleagues. When disasters strike writers respond and react in words. They share with us their hopes and fears. They describe and rationalise. This volume contains pieces of fiction, flash fiction, script, poetry, memoir and some texts which cannot easily be categorised.  Buy from  Amazon Transforming Communities is the theme of the 2020 Waerloo Festival Writing Co

Offers on single author collections

    See on Amazon In this haunting collection, one of Jesse Falzoi’s characters imagines the word “Wuthering” means “From all directions and never the one you anticipated.” Using this definition, these are Wuthering stories, coming at life from many angles, each one full of surprise and illumination. Falzoi’s characters thrum with yearning—for connection, for meaning, for a place to be, to belong. They will find a permanent home inside your heart. See on Amazon Within the pages of Days Pass like a Shadow are thirteen dark tales covering the theme of death and loss. At the centre of every story is a beating heart. For the reader to make the journey to that centre, along the flowing veins of the words, all they need is a few minutes during a lunch break, or at the end of the day. The reader will be introduced to a rich and diverse collection of characters - a gardener, a serial killer, a time traveller, a sleepwalker and many more. See on Amazon You will find in this collection a mix

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Our charity books

    Stories 1,000 words long. Supports the Red Cross  View on Amazon. Stories of encounters with angels, View on Amazon Supports The Caren Keating Foundation Stories from the point of view of animals: supports Born Free View on Amazon              Stories produced by the Canvey Island Writers Group. This supports Havens Hospices.   View on Amazon   We've added this one in because it also supports a charity.  This delightful story is told through a series of colourful and entertaining pictures and a lively text. There is plenty of extra story in the pictures for the child who has the book read to them, and the text is of an appropriate language level for the emergent reader. Supports Search Dogs.  View on Amazon