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Three Really Special Books Offer week-ending 25 January 2019

Buy all special books as e-books Buy Citizens of Nowhere and Salford Stories       Theresa May sparked a powerful debate when she announced that global citizens were citizens of nowhere. She also gave us a marvellous title and a great theme for a book. Is a global citizen really a citizen of nowhere? This collection reacts to this question and explores some possible answers. Each story gives us a definition of one global citizen and shows how this individual contributes to the world. Note there is a permanent offer on this. I will gift you one copy of this to send to your MP or up to five copies for you appropriate fund-raiser. Buy from Amazon   All of the stories in this collection were written by people who have a connection to Salford. The writers were born here, have lived here or live here now, have worked or studied here or even taken part in leisure activities in the city. Even if a writer doesn’t have that obvious a connection wi

Featured Author Allison Symes - Offer week ending 18 January 2019

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY Allison Symes is published by Chapeltown Books, Cafelit, and Bridge House Publishing among others.  Her flash fiction collection, From Light to Dark and Back Again , was published in 2017. She blogs for online magazine, Chandler’s Ford Today, often on writing themes.  See Her website is  We have published Allison several times and are pleased to offer all six publications as mobi-files in one package for just £4.00. Note there is no Kindle version of Alternative Renditions We are also offering two paperbacks, From Light to Dark and Back Again and Alternative Renditions for £7.00. Details of all of these works are listed below with a link to buy them individually from Amazon if that is what you prefer. We have a couple of books on offer for free - for whoever gets there first.  Scroll down!  This is a collection of my flash fiction pieces.