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The Sound of Patriarchy and other stories by L.F. Roth

  A collection of stories that runs the gamut from serious to comic. Relationships, and reactions to traumatic experiences or change, all come under scrutiny. Life-changing events play out against a counterpoint of minutely observed details. Though you won't meet any bears in this volume, you will come across the real Dylan, delve into a literary feud, partake in preparations for a funeral rehearsal, share a musician's musings, find out the importance of gender-neutral watches and, perhaps, learn to stay clear of tigers, at least in the form of tattoos. L.F. Roth brings us thought-provoking stories in The Sound of Patriarchy and Other Stories .   RRP £9.00 Buy from Amazon  Buy from the Hive (UK) Buy from Barnes and Noble (US)  Buy for Booktopia (Australia)     Buy from us (1-4 books)   Buy from us (5+ books)     . All and all, I found this collection interesting to read. I’d say that many of the stories were serpentine in nature. They had a strong start

Random Red Hot Selection

  What happens when the Queen visits Zedgate Zoo? Well she meets a lot of amazing animals and finds out a lot of amazing facts about them. This delightful story is told through a series of colourful and entertaining pictures and a lively text. There is plenty of extra story in the pictures for the child who has the book read to them, and the text is of an appropriate language level for the emergent reader. RRP £6.50 Buy from Amazon (including audio book) In this haunting collection, one of Jesse Falzoi’s characters imagines the word “Wuthering” means “From all directions and never the one you anticipated.” Using this definition, these are Wuthering stories, coming at life from many angles, each one full of surprise and illumination. Falzoi’s characters thrum with yearning—for connection, for meaning, for a place to be, to belong. They will find a permanent home inside your heart. RRP £8.00 Buy from Amazon  Buy from The Hive (UK) Buy from Booktopia (Australia)  A continuing response by

CafeLit serial

                      Join Crispin, the Marble Elf, in Her Ladyship's secret, fantastical Garden, where Gnomes, Cockney Leprechauns, Cherubs, Trolls and Pole-Dancing Fairies live, love and laugh. But watch out for the Shed of No Return – the clue is in the name. And keep upwind of the begonias where Gusty Bob, the flatulent Toad is usually found. Oh, and don’t trip over the Wooden Robin; he’s likely to stop at short notice to pull up his socks. The Crispin Chronicles is the third belly-laugh inducing book in Dawn Knox’s Chronicles series. All three have been serialised in CaféLit. View on Amazon   These interlocking episodes give us an insight into the complexities of 21st Century life. They are interconnected through the activities of an amateur dramatic group. Here we see the drama of real life unfold. View in our bookshop:    At just five-inches tall, he’s a demon with attitude, and he is fed-up with people summoning him through his talisman. With sass and cheek a

For a Few Hours by Yvonne Walus

  When push came to shove, could you do what Yvonne Walus’s memorable characters have done in this stunning collection of stories? Would you ever hire a sex worker, go all the way to New Zealand to join a man who may or may not be the love of your life, or shield your sister from going to jail by taking her place instead? And when you’re a boy longing for sex with your girlfriend, what would you do when the earth literally moves and you have to face the consequences of a major earthquake? For a Few Hours is the new story collection from Yvonne Walus published by Bridge House. Some of Yvonne’s stories have appeared in previous publications but for the first time these, and new material, are gathered together for this powerful collection. Yvonne has also been published by Pipers Ash Limited, Amazon, and has had full length crime fiction published by US publishers, Echelon Press and Stairway Press. Yvonne Walus’s unforgettable characters are bold, vividly portrayed, and mak