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 If you are a member of or know of a theatre or film group, we are happy to let you have one copy free of charge. Just contact us. The Script Challenge   The challenge was to the authors we have already published to turn one of their short stories into a ten-minute script. And here they all are. We looked for: Effective adaptation of the origin text Ease of production Something that could be Covid safe  RRP £6.50    Buy from Amazon   Buy from us (1-4 books)           Buy from us (5+ books)     These scripts are refreshing to read and would provide excellent opportunities for performances with clever witty dialogue and contemporary scenarios. Each of them provide a unique perspective and the very idea of the premise here is great. I especially liked Janet Howson's Cinderella for the setting and fast pace but also Dawn Knox's The Stag Do which was so realistic but cringe-worthy, hilarious and clever in equal proportions. All in all, something for ever