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Seen Through A Glass of Red by Liz Cox

Seen Through a Glass of Red by Liz Cox   Prepare to suspend your disbelief, have the tissues handy and allow your imagination to run wild. This mix of stories will delight you, make you laugh, make you cry and make you cry out – not really! From a woman who finds a giraffe under the canal bridge and two cats squabbling over a pancake, to an arrogant French chef and a pair of abandoned sparkly trainers, this collection will make you laugh out loud and touch your heart. You will feel intrigued by a French ghost, visit medieval Denmark at Yul, and the war-torn Middle East. You will even find romance with a green-eyed angel. These are just some of the stories you can expect to find in this collection. In Seen Through a Glass of Red , you will discover stories which are imaginative and tender-hearted just like their creator. RRP £7.50  Buy from Amazon  Buy from us (1-4 books)    Buy from us (5 + books)     Thoroughly enjoyed all the stories, hard to

Playing Together by Linda Flynn and Caroline Casali

  Brother and sister enjoy playing together. Join in the fun and see all of the interesting things they do. Be inspired by Linda Flynn's simple text and Caroline Casali's enchanting illustrations. In this book there are plenty of ideas for games that children can play with friends, and which get them away from phone, television and computer screens. A percentage of the royalties from Playing Together will support Medical Detection Dogs. This is a charity that trains dogs to detect the odour from disease in the fight against cancer, Parkinson's disease and bacterial infections, as well as training Medical Alert Assistance Dogs. RRP £7.00  Buy from Amazon Buy from The Hive (UK)   Buy from Barnes and Noble (US) Buy from Booktopia   Buy from us (1-4 books)           Buy from us (5+ books)         Playing together is a joyful story in verse of how two siblings occupy themselves, whatever the weather. My children loved the way the tale moves a

Offers on our little square books - collections of flash fiction

Small chunks of life, perfectly wrapped and waiting for you to open! Stories told in 70 -1000 words. Award-winning and short-listed pieces of prose sit alongside newer thoughtfully crafted short glimpses of human nature and 21st century life. You are invited to pause for a moment and reflect on the writer’s suggestions. They are sure to uplift and inspire you. Soaring is one of our Little Square Books, all collections of flash fiction. Nicole Fitton really does offer us bite-sized chunks of life here. See in our bookshop Donna and Jim struggle with an unspeakable act. Millicent encounters something that will change her forever, and Marie dreams of being free from her harrowing life. Melvin’s pelvic thrusts have his clients in a sweat, and Sister Francis, the bike-riding nun, has her secret revealed. Will the poem Are They Your Red Shoes make you cry? And how will I Was You Once resonate with you? The City of Stories is a collection of short, easy-read stories and poems that you c