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Offers on the Schellberg Cycle

  Find offers on the Schellberg Cycle books  See offers on Amazon Renate Edler loves to visit her grandmother in the house on Schellberg Street. She often meets up with her friend Hani Gödde who lives nearby. This year, though, it is not to be. Just a few weeks after a night when synagogues are burned and businesses owned by Jews are looted, Renate finds out a terrible secret about her family. See offers on Amazo n Clara will not be daunted. Her life will not end when her beloved husband dies too young. She will become a second mother to the young children who live away f

Invisble on Thursdays by Peppy Barlow

  A memoir of a creative woman’s travels in Greece and into her family’s history. Peppy Barlow is a playwright and screen writer who lives her life looking for meaning and material in all her experiences. In this book she and her friend Persephone/Lucia explore childhood memories – both good and bad – and travel with their children to Crete where ancient myths emerge to haunt them. A very personal account of a friendship which takes Peppy back to England and ends with Persephone returning to the Underworld. Authentic, brave, honest, funny and touching – the author’s voice shines out from these pages. Invisible on Thursdays is a Bridge House Publication highlighting Feisty Women. Author Peppy Barlow guides us through her turbulent and rich life adventures. Truly a life well-lived.  RRP £8.00 Buy from Amazon   Buy from The Hive (UK)   Buy from Barnes and Noble (US)   Buy from Booktopia (Australia) Buy from us 1-4 books   Buy from us 5 + books    

Where Wild Birds Shriek by Christian Lea

  Harry Burden is classically handsome, wildly eccentric and fiercely intelligent – but he is also the single biggest nitwit Charlie Bloom has ever met. And living together in moneyed London has caused Charlie to grow quite neurotic. So when Charlie is invited away for the weekend, he considers his options: Sit around insufflating hairspray with Harry, or get away for three days of peace and relaxation. Well, it’s no choice at all really. But when Charlie arrives in The Lake District, he quickly discovers that peace and relaxation are not what’s in store for him. Where Wild Birds Shriek is equal parts comedy, drama and madcap farce, featuring sword fights, car crashes, blackbirds, antique duelling pistols, several near-death experiences and a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle.   RRP £10.00  Buy from Amazon    Buy from the Hive (UK)   Buy from Barnes and Noble (US) Buy from Booktopia (Australia)   Buy from us (1-4 Books)     Buy from us  (5+ books)  Christian Lea is one to wa