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  What does it mean to be gifted? Is this to do with a present being wrapped up and handed to another?   Does one person sacrifice something to help someone else? Or is to do with having a certain talent? Is that gift always welcome? Does the protagonist make the most of what has been gifted to them?   All of those scenarios exist in these stories and there are other interpretations as well of the theme “gifted”. Gifted is Bridge House’s 2023 anthology which includes stories by both some of the gifted writers we already know well and by some new faces.   RRP £9.00 Buy from Amazon  Buy from us (1-4 books)      Buy from Barnes and Noble (US)   Booktopia (Australia)   Buy from us (5+ books)    Contributors  Eds: Debz Hobbs-Wyatt  Gill James  Authors: Hidayat Adams, Fiona Clark, Athena Constantinou, Alyson Faye, Linda Flynn, Hamid Harasani, Paul Harper-Scott, Adjie Henderson, Abdullah Iqbal, Maria Kinnersley, Jemma Marie,  Seamus D Norris, Pete Pitman, Paula R

Creative Writing Tip Sheets by Gill James

    F ifty-seven easy to use fact sheets that cover all that you need to know if you are relatively new to writing. Ideal too for the creative writing teacher.    Topics include:  story structure  poetry forms  presentation of work  how to get your work out there script writing  networking  organisations that can help  self-publishing  getting new ideas  building characters  The Tip Sheets have deliberately been left as a Word document so that users may customize them.   Gill James is an experienced writer and teacher. The Tip Sheets pass on information that she has acquired over twenty or so years.    Get your copy here. Pay what you like. Suggested fee: £2.00  
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