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Offers on our Chrstmas anthologies

  What does it mean to be gifted? Is this to do with a present being wrapped up and handed to another?   Does one person sacrifice something to help someone else? Or is to do with having a certain talent? Is that gift always welcome? Does the protagonist make the most of what has been gifted to them?   All of those scenarios exist in these stories and there are other interpretations as well of the theme “gifted”. Gifted is Bridge House’s 2023 anthology which includes stories by both some of the gifted writers we already know well and by some new faces.    See in our online shop     Life goes on. There is renewal. Nature endures. This is a collection of challenging and thought-provoking stories. All stories have an everlasting message and these provide ones that will astound and delight you. We looked for: story, good writing, interpretation of theme and professionalism. All of the stories submitted had those elements. Here we offer a variation to cater to our readers’ eclectic taste

Books for Younger Readers

  There's a story in this book fore very day of Advent.  You can start them on the 1 December and you'll finish them  just in time for Chrsitmas if you read one a day. There are stories about dragons, horses and other animals. There are stories about angels.  There are stories about people. There are even a couple of stories which tell us how the world became the way it is -  perhaps. How better to spend this cold and dark time of the year than snuggling down in Front of the fire with a good book. (Lower primary) View in our online bookshop  Devils, demons, werewolves and other creatures of the night don’t have to be scary. In fact, at times they can be downright funny. They have their fair share of the type of problems we humans have – pesky monthly cycles, others out to get them, a lack of what they need and a surfeit of what they don’t want. They’re not immune to recessions either. (Young adult) View in our online book shop You'll find all sorts of animals

The House of Clementine by Gill James

                                                 There is unease on Zandra. On far away Zenoto a young president appears to be turning his back on the innovative and hugely successful financial regime. The Peace Child again has much to do. It becomes personal. Kaleem’s former girlfriend and her desperately ill step-daughter are attacked. Some strange encounters partly answer some of Kaleem’s questions. But as he begins to understand what “snazzy” really means and what the brown tunics want, he is faced with yet more puzzles: who or what exactly is Meelak, what is the House of Clementine and how much control does it have, and what or who is really behind the unrest? Will the Peace Child find his own peace? Find out in this fourth novel in the  Peace Child  series. Find your copy here 

Our picture books

  When the moon starts to disappear over the horizon, the sea wants to know where it is going, and even, more importantly, will it come back? So begins an astonishing journey to the furthest corners of the earth to the darkest depths of the sea.     RRP  £7.00  See in our bookshop Brother and sister enjoy playing together. Join in the fun and see all of the interesting things they do. Be inspired by Linda Flynn's simple text and Caroline Casali's enchanting illustrations. In this book there are plenty of ideas for games that children can play with friends, and which get them away from phone, television and computer screens. A percentage of the royalties from Playing Together will support Medical Detection Dogs. This is a charity that trains dogs to detect the odour from disease in the fight against cancer, Parkinson's disease and bacterial infections, as well as training Medical Alert Assistance Dogs. S ee in our bookshop Ride along with Santa and Rudolph, as they adapt t