Bridge House Books for Younger Readers

There's a story in this book fore very day of Advent.  You can start them on the 1 December and you'll finish them  just in time for Chrsitmas if you read one a day. There are stories about dragons, horses and other animals. There are stories about angels.  There are stories about people. There are even a couple of stories which tell us how the world became the way it is -  perhaps.

How better to spend this cold and dark time of the year than snuggling down in Front of the fire with a good book. (Lower primary)

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Devils, demons, werewolves and other creatures of the night don’t have to be scary. In fact, at times they can be downright funny. They have their fair share of the type of problems we humans have – pesky monthly cycles, others out to get them, a lack of what they need and a surfeit of what they don’t want. They’re not immune to recessions either. (Young adult)

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You'll find all sorts of animals in this collection of stories - a hippo who longs for water, a chimp that proves to be tougher than a gorilla and a horse only two people can see. There are some amazing people too - the young girl who looks after her mum, some young people who have magical powers they have to hide and a boy who finds a new way to remember his grandfather. All of the stories are about how people are thoughtful with each other or with the animals in their care. And they'll bring sunshine to a grey day. (Upper primary)

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Holidays are for adventures and there are plenty of those in this book:
Mysterious ones
Ones where everyday life becomes an adventure
Those which take place in other times and other worlds
Those where magic comes into our own world

There's a story for every day of your two week holiday, including the day you set off and the day you come back.  (Upper primary)

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