New single author collection - Drawn by the Sea by Jeanne Davies


You will find in this collection a mixture of themes and genres. There are brushes with the supernatural, an exploration of human emotions, history, love and loss, and also a firm sense of time and place.

Jeanne Davies thinks up her stories writes whilst walking for miles in the countryside with her Labrador companion at her side. Wandering along the seashore with the serenity and chaos of the ocean inspires and gives her peace.


"I’m only halfway through this, but felt that I had to leave a review as I love it so much! The stories are intriguing, clever and written so beautifully you feel completely immersed. Great read!"

"Having enjoyed some of Jeanne Davies’ short stories in the past, I was delighted to read this anthology. As usual she entertains with vivid description to hold your interest and her choice of subject matter is varied and written with her usual poetic flair.
Loving it!"

"Started on the kindle version and can’t wait for the paperback to arrive loved her work for years so please this is fine out!" 

"The Day The Pony Went is a fun short story for horse lovers. There is a great deal of action to keep readers amused."



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