New Flash Fiction Collection


 Allison Symes loves reading and writing quirky fiction. She discovered flash fiction thanks to a Cafélit challenge and has been hooked on the form ever since. In this follow-up to her "From Light to Dark and Back Again", Allison will take you back in time, into some truly criminal minds, into fantasy worlds, and show you how motherhood looks from the viewpoint of a dragon. Enjoy the journey!


"Allison Symes can pack more into 100 words than most people can into 1000. Politicians take note!"

"A lovely little collection of quirky and often surprising stories and poems. Fairy godmothers who aren't what they first appear."
Fabulous collection of poems and flash fiction. Some made me giggle, some made me gasp, all surprised me! I found it a real page turner, as the stories had such unexpected twists and turns!
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