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This collection of prose and poetry takes the reader on a journey through many aspects of life and indeed offers you many ways of seeing. It makes the reader take another look.

Ricks Vick’s mantra was, “Let the pen do the writing.” He had a love of people that manifested itself on every level, from the encouragement of a shy, new poet at one of his workshops to his record-breaking seven appearances as a writer at the prestigious Stroud Short Stories.

Sadly Rick died before we finished preparing this collection for publication. He has left us an inspiring legacy.

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Ways of Seeing is a wonderful journey through time and across time with relationships the preferred mode of transport. Relationships with self, with others, with things and places, fuelled by a language that is generous, tender, cruel and brutal. The language of love. I met Rick twice when I strolled into his class,  unintentionally and uninvited. He was facilitating a creative writing group for residents of a rehabilitation unit for drug addicts and alcoholics. He strolled his space like a boxer in a ring. He writes like a boxer too – blows coming out of nowhere, quick and precise, gloves off and on. Take another look - if you don’t believe me.

John Trolan

CEO The Nelson Trust



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