A Feast of Tales by Dawn Bush


A tempting tale for every mood.

An eclectic mixture of tales that take you to a pragmatic Fairyland, where anything can happen – and not all of it beneficial; to an unknown dusty planet in the distant sky; and back in time on earth  through time, space, land and sea; through love, selfishness and triumph. They are a feast of the unexpected.

A Feast of Tales, Gently Twisted is an intriguing collection of short stories by Dawn Bush. 

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A charming selection of stories. With some fairy tales and other contemporary stories, there is a mixture of wit and realism. But all beautifully written. Thoroughly recommended.
What a wealth of stories, such variety! If I had to select my favourites, I think I would choose ‘Blind Date’, ‘The Ormolu Clock’ and ‘The Storyteller’. But I enjoyed them all. I would heartily recommend this book to anyone who enjoys lighthearted short stories with a twist in the tail/tale! Nothing macabre here, nothing to make you cringe, just really good, entertaining reads!


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