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This is a short sharp collection of well-told stories by Jim Bates who once again brings us some evocative writing with a strong literary voice. We meet a plethora of characters, each with their own concerns and triumphs. They face life’s challenges and often have to turn situations around. Will they succeed? Will they make life good again?

In this collections of flash fiction, Jim Bates packs a lot of story into a few words.

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Nick is dying. Barney spends much of his time keeping him company, helping him to lead an almost normal life and sharing his carefully guarded secret. The two boys often go down to the old harbour, to look at the boats and take photographs.

Barney finds it hard watching his friend getting weaker and weaker. And then there are the other problems. He worries about his relationship with his first real girlfriend. He worries about his schoolwork.. He is under pressure to perform well as a county swimming champion. And he needs a part time job.

Everything seems to be working out - just - when what he has most been dreading happens. All the other things which could also go wrong do so spectacularly. Then there is a strange shaped room, some ham and mustard sandwiches and a few conversations with a wise old sailor
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Fog Lane is a collection of stories about memory. Many of the stories have been published online and in magazines. They were written over a long period of time. The oldest, The Rose Garden was first written in about 2007 and published in Orbis. The last one in the book, Here Comes the Sun was completed just recently. The stories in this book vary from the humorous to the sad to the macabre. They are all short stories of under a thousand words.

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This anthology of women's fiction, this collection of very short stories, some might say a flash collection, is thought-provoking and each story is based upon a tweet. Except that each piece is 140 words long and not 140 characters.

They were collected over three years and edited for another nine months.

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