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So Now You're Published, What next?

The last thing most writers want to do is spend a lot of time on marketing. Yet books don't sell themselves by magic, no matter how good they are. Publishers do what they can but time and money is limited, and inevitably they have to move on to the next project. If you can adapt a few useful routines, especially ones you find palatable and fun, you'll hardly notice you're doing it. There are heaps of useful suggestions here and handy check lists to keep you on track.

Find your copy here

Find your copy here


Fifty-seven easy to use fact sheets that cover all that you need to know if you are relatively new to writing. Ideal too for the creative writing teacher.   

Topics include: 

  • story structure 
  • poetry forms 
  • presentation of work 
  • how to get your work out there
  • script writing 
  • networking 
  • organisations that can help 
  • self-publishing 
  • getting new ideas 
  • building characters 
The Tip Sheets have deliberately been left as a Word document so that users may customize them. 

 Gill James is an experienced writer and teacher. The Tip Sheets pass on information that she has acquired over twenty or so years.   

Get your copy here. Pay what you like. Suggested fee: £2.00   

What shall I do with my Creative Writing group?
Here are a list of suggestions based on what you might do over a year, whether  you meet once a week or once a month. Each suggested session plan allows you to plan an interesting session with your group, and suggests what to do in the session, what you need to prepare before the session and how you might follow it up. Suggested timings are included.     
Have fun with my Let's get Writing. Those creative juices will soon be flowing.  
RRP £5.00  pay what you like £1.00+
Buy here   



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